1948 – 1999
(Founder: Natraj Group of Companies)

PP Prasai was a pioneer in providing excellent service to tourist from all over the world and establishing Nepal as a destination where tourist could experience magnificence of mountains to the enticing wild lives of Terai. He has made significant contribution to the economy and the development of tourism sector including policy recommendations through his participation in national and international organisations; His effort in creating a skilled and professional diaspora in the tourism sector cannot be left unnoticed.

PP Prasai, a successful business entrepreneur was born in the eastern hills of Athrai, Terhathum, and left an equally strong impression of being a true social entrepreneur by touching lives of people in need and inspiring them to achieve their dreams. He was a man with a vision for the good of human being.

He supported individuals and institutions in such ways that have inspired people to continue his aspiration of giving back to the community. He is always remembered for his humility and humanity.