Dharma Alliance is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization based in Geneva that seeks to protect, preserve, and promote Dharma-based perspectives and practices across the world. ‘Dharma’ in Sanskrit comes from the root ‘dhri’ meaning ‘to sustain’, and refers to the spiritual, ethical and natural principles that uphold the universe.

Although more than 1.5 billion people across the world are rooted in these traditions, Dharma-based approaches are not adequately reflected in global dialogues and actions on peace and development. Dharma Alliance seeks to address this by bringing Dharma-based perspectives – premised as they are on harmony, mutual respect, and the inter-connectedness of all life – to the center of global institutions, dialogues, and processes.



Dharma Alliance is guided by an Advisory Board which is comprised of individuals representing different Dharma traditions and countries. We see the role of the Advisory Board in the Dharma tradition of Gurus who continually guide seekers in their spiritual and physical journeys. Dharma Alliance is privileged and honored to have a distinguished Advisory Board to guide it in its endeavors.

Prof. Kusum Jain, India

Prof. Kusum Jain has been associated with the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, and has held several positions since she started teaching there in 1975. She has been the

Prof. Amarjiva Lochan, India

Prof. Amarjiva Lochan teaches at the University of Delhi and is Joint Dean, International Relations. He is the Foreign Students Advisor of the University. He is also a

Dr. Nitin Shah, USA

Dr. Nitin Shah is a Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Loma Linda University Health, California. He is also an Interim Deputy Chief of Anesthesiology and Critical

Prof. Jagbir Singh, India

Prof. Jagbir Singh is the Chancellor of the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. He is also an Advisor, of the Centre on Studies in Guru Granth Sahib, Amritsar;


Dharma Alliance was founded as a non-profit association in Geneva by Juan Diaz and Dr. Prashant Sharma. Juan is an American / Spanish national and has been living in Geneva since 2008. Juan has a professional background in education and social work. Juan is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Juan Diaz

Dr. Prashant Sharma

Prashant is an Indian national living in Geneva since 2009 and has a professional background in public-private partnerships and infrastructure policy. Both have travelled widely and continue on their journeys to discover and understand Dharma better.



Dharma Alliance has a vision that the world recognizes the value of and acts upon the principles of Dharma which emphasize harmony, mutual respect, and the inter-connectedness of all life.


Dharma Alliance’s mission is to strengthen and mainstream Dharma-based approaches across the world.


The purpose of Dharma Alliance is to protect, preserve and promote Dharma-based approaches and traditions across the world. This intention finds expression in the following objectives and activities.



Become a global platform and knowledge source for protecting, strengthening, articulating, and propagating Dharma-based approaches across all institutions, systems, policies, and tools of international governance across major global themes (such as conflict resolution, trade, development, human rights, environment, sustainable development goals (SDGs), etc.)

Develop knowledge products in various forms and languages on Dharma-based approaches to major global themes (for example, a series of publications on how different Dharma traditions approach each SDG).

Organize regular conferences on major global themes bringing together Dharma-based thinkers and practitioners.

Represent and propagate Dharma-based approaches at all major institutions of global governance such as the United Nations.

Create tools to protect Dharma traditions and mainstream Dharma-based approaches in the global narrative.

Create knowledge products that clarify misconceptions about Dharma traditions.

Carry out a focused and sustained campaign to change popular perceptions about Dharma-based approaches across the world.

Sensitize global mainstream media towards the uniqueness of Dharma-based approaches.

Produce and propagate knowledge that provides Dharma-based insights and approaches to contemporary challenges.

Bring together monks, thinkers, scholars and researchers from across Dharma traditions world to interact with each other and produce focused, relevant and high-quality content.

Facilitate the participation of monks and scholars of different Dharma traditions in relevant international events and conferences to promote and propagate Dharma perspectives

Become a global repository of knowledge on Dharma traditions, cultures, languages, texts, histories and approaches, and make Dharma-based knowledge widely accessible through appropriate languages, forms and content.

Produce attractive, easily accessible and high-quality knowledge products (including popular media forms) that simplify and promote Dharma-based approaches amongst people.

Make focused efforts to bring such knowledge into national school curriculam.

Provide support to traditional centers of Dharma-based learning, including through regular teacher and scholar exchange programs, both within and across countries.

Translate key texts across various Dharma traditions into contemporary and accessible texts in multiple languages.

Produce popular content that highlights the uniqueness and commonality between Dharma traditions across the world.

Identify, mentor and support young scholars of Dharma traditions.

4. Be a platform for dialogue amongst peoples belonging to various Dharma traditions to develop a deeper understanding of each other, as well as provide support to each other in the cause of Dharma.

Organize regular conferences on issues of common interest to peoples belonging to different Dharma traditions.

Translate as well as create relevant Dharma-based content across multiple languages.

Bring young people from across different Dharma traditions and countries to engage with each other through regular and structured youth-oriented residential programs.

Support Dharma-based communities who are in a minority in various countries.

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