PP Foundation was established in February 18, 2011 as a tribute to Late Prajapati Prasai, popularly known as PP.  The Foundation was established with the main intention of keeping alive aspirations of PP particularly in developing and promoting the education and tourism sector of Nepal.

PP Prasai, born in the eastern hills of Athrai, Terhathum by profession was a tourism entrepreneur (Owner:Natraj Group of Companies including Natraj Tours & Travels).  But he has left an equally strong impression of being a true social entrepreneur by touching lives of people in need and inspiring people to achieve their dreams. He was a man with a vision. A vision for the good of human being, of changing lives of the people for the better and contributing to the development of the nation.

PP’s sudden death in an air accident on 5th of September, 1999 left many of his dreams to serve the people in need unfulfilled. Therefore, to give continuity to his dreams to serve the people in need and his works much appreciated by all the Foundation was established.

About PP Prasai 1948  – 5th September, 1999

A pioneer in the Tourism Sector of Nepal PP Prasai was born in Athrai of east Nepal. He came to Kathmandu to pursue his higher studies at which time he was introduced to the tourism sector. He along with his wife Sharda started small with Natraj Tours and Travels Pvt. Limited and diversified into many other tourism related activities and successfully established a credible name for the Natraj Group of Companies.  He served people from all over the continents, spreading message and establishing Nepal as one of the best tourism destination; made significant contribution to the overall growth and development of the sector including policy recommendations through representations in various associations and organisations. He also made immense contribution in creating employment opportunities to the youth of Nepal and creating national resource in this sector.

PP Prasai has been widely acclaimed for the social work he has done. He has set an example of being a successful tourism/business entrepreneur through which he sustained his social work by contributing to individuals and institutions in critical need of support. In this way he inspired and touched the lives of many and in return, to this day, there has been overwhelming response from friends, family and beneficiaries keeping his memories and his works fresh and alive. And his friends and colleagues remember him more for his humility and humanity.