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How do Dharma traditions engage with global challenges? See content classified by Dharma tradition above.

Dharma Alliance

A global platform to protect, preserve, and promote dharma based perspectives and practices

Dharma Alliance is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization based in Geneva that seeks to protect, preserve, and promote Dharma-based perspectives and practices across the world. ‘Dharma’ in Sanskrit comes from the root ‘dhri’ meaning ‘to sustain’, and refers to the spiritual, ethical, and natural principles that uphold the universe. Dharma cultures and traditions are premised on harmony, mutual respect, and the inter-connectedness of all life, and offer significant insights on overcoming the challenges the world is facing today.


Commencing early 2023, Dharma Alliance is launching a lecture series on SDGs and Dharma Traditions. The lectures will be held in Geneva and streamed live. Speakers include scholars, thinkers and experts engaged in the practical application of ancient wisdom to global challenges.


As one of its key objectives, Dharma Alliance is building a knowledge base on the intersections between the four Dharma traditions and the challenges the world is facing – as manifested in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Dharma’s Alliance’s engagement with the 17 SDGs has been organized around four broad themes.


The Dharma Alliance Library is a curated collection of digital resources on Dharma traditions and their engagement with contemporary challenges. Resources include original content developed by Dharma Alliance and affiliated contributors, as well as existing content available in the public domain.

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